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Woman Arrested For Using "Rented" Children To Beg For Arms In Edo State - Photos

Making money in Nigeria is not easy this days and one has to be creative (either in a negative or positive way) to be able to stand a chance of even earning a living. Most Nigerians have chosen the negative way as it affords the opportunity to make money fast and easy. 

One thing is for sure, money has to be made but if you chose the negative way, be rest assured that the law most and will surely caught up with you sooner that you think. Just like it did to this woman who rented babies for begging purposes.

The Edo State Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development has arrested one Chinyere Blessing, from Enugu state who uses rented children to beg for money. Reports on Thursday revealed that the attention of the Edo State Ministry of Women Affairs was drawn to a woman at Ring Road in the centre of Benin City, who is in the habit of using what she claimed to be her children, a set of triplet, to beg for money.

Immediately, she was arrested and brought to the office of the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry, and upon searching her, a total of ₦104,240 was recovered from her. Upon further investigation by the police of Family Unit, State CID, and after obtaining a full confession from the ring leader, the real mothers of two of the children were found and arrested at their hotel room in Benin City.

They have all confessed to the crime and admitted to this being their fourth trip to Benin for their illicit business.

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