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Why You Should Stop Driving Automatic Cars With Both Feet, Instead Of One

Many people fall on this category and this is the worst way to drive your automatic cars. Back in the days, one of my course mate use to drive like this and at first, I thought I thought he was just being stupid and as time goes on, it mastered it and no matter what you tell him, he will always use his two legs.

In manual cars, the left foot is reserved for the clutch alone while in automatic cars, the left foot is there just to relax and do nothing, except you want to engage your foot emergency brake. It is highly recommended that you use one foot for both brake and accelerator in automatic cars as well as mannual.

However, it is very wrong to drive your automatic car with both legs on the various pedals. Driving with the left foot for brake and the right foot for accelerator can gradually and easily cause damage to your car.

Want to know how?

When using both the feet, sometimes the driver steps on both the pedal simultaneously. As a result, more strain is put on transmission fluid, brake, and torque converter. Obviously, this would reduce the efficiency of car parts and its essential controls. For the sake of your car durability and longevity, you were not thought to drive with both feet.

According to Auto Josh, driving with both feet is extremely dangerous during emergency maneuvers. In this situation, the driver may unknowingly step on the wrong pedal, or step on both brake and accelerator simultaneously. In case of sudden emergency scenarios, this is what you can mistakenly do and that mistake can be fatal.
Driving with both legs is mostly practiced by novice drivers who ignorantly think they’ve discovered a better and more efficient way to drive that is better than everyone else or professional race car drivers who have mastered the art.

Don't drive with both feet in an automatic transmission cars.

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