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Vice President, Osinbajo & Wife Attend The Wedding Of Blogger Adetuke Morgan - Photos

Who says blogging is not a good line of work? Come out and talk now. The vice president of Nigeria, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo and wife attended the wedding of Saxophonist who is also a blogger, Adetuke Morgan & Akintola Oluwadamilola Oso in Lagos. 

Blogging is and will always be a good line of work if you know what you are doing. This line of work has been regarded as a foolish line of work in Nigeria because entry level bloggers in Nigeria have overwhelmed/evaded the discipline with gossip blogging and thus, many cannot even construct a simple English.

In a America, Russia and Germany, top bloggers earn up to $70,000 in just one month. Linda Ikeja has also redefined the act of blogging and those that know what they are doing in Nigeria; Naijaloaded, Shelaf, Exlink Lodge, Yabaleft etc, are doing wonderfully well.

Most people in Nigeria believe blogging is just copy and pasting of other people's work and gossip blogging. This is the idea of a lazy man in blogging world. You can actually blog about Phones, TVs, Laptops, Cooking, Financial Education, Auto Mobile, etc and make a fortune from it. Don't "commonize" any trending line, its just a matter of time. 

Congrats to the union of Morgan and Oso.

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