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Returned Dapchi Schoolgirls Arrive Presidential Villa, FCT - Abuja - Photos

The returned Dapchi girls has finally arrived Presidential villa, in Aso Rock, FCT - Abuja to meet with Nigeria's president, Muhammadu Buhari. It was indeed a surprise to the entire citizens of Nigeria yesterday when the news broke out that Boko Haram have returned the Dapchi girls.

As expected, more than half of Nigerians thinks this act is a scheme designed to win the forth coming election. Many have criticized the move and likened the scenario to what Afrobeat legend, Fela said in one on his music tracks - "Arrengee Massitax ooooo" - "Na government magic we dey ooo".

Many have also argued that this girls wasn't kidnapped by Boko Haram in the first place or at least that Boko Haram are being used by the government of the day. This statement was further solidified when Amnesty International accused Nigeria Army yesterday for negligence and abandoning their posts without heeding the warning of the people "that boko haram attack is imminent" in that school.

Nigeria Army though have vigorously and vehemently denied the claim and ask Amnesty International to provide any shred of evidence to back up their claims.  The truth might still be wearing a mask but the overwhelming fact is that this kids has been returned and their families are happy.  

More photos from their visit to presidential villa...

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