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Newly Installed Pedestrian Bridge In Florida Collapses, Killing Scores & Injuring Many - Photos

Scores of people were killed when a newly-installed pedestrian bridge collapsed at Florida International University, falling over a six-lane highway in the Miami area. The 950-tonne bridge fell at the university's main Miami-area campus, crushing cars underneath it. It is believed that section of the bridge was installed last Sunday.

A fire and rescue spokesman said more than 100 firefighters, search and rescue teams and live search dogs were combing the wreckage of the bridge for "viable victims".

Eight cars were trapped when the bridge collapsed about 1.30pm local time (4.30am AEDT) and at least 10 people were taken to hospital, two in critical condition. Florida congressman Carlos Curbelo said he had been told a stress test was underway when the bridge collapsed.

"There was some testing taking place, and it is a very good question that must be answered - why more precautions weren't taken before conducting this type of stress test if indeed that was the case," he said.

Rescue teams would be working into the night and perhaps longer to try to find any survivors. They would not confirm how many victims there were, but Florida Senator Bill Nelson said on Fox News he had been told several people had died.

"Our teams are in search and rescue mode, they are still searching the debris," said a Miami Dade fire department spokesman.

When asked if there were any survivors trapped beneath the debris, a fire spokesman said: "We don't know at this point. We are still in search and rescue mode."

Two of the eight victims taken to hospital were construction workers who had been on top of the bridge when it collapsed.

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