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Pastor & Choristers Make a Grand Entrance To Their Church In Black Panther Outfit - Photos

Why is it that the institution which supposed to be the one correcting people and making them to be moral and amend their ways are now the institutions that are being the most controversial in the world. This days, religion, pastor, prophet, iman are the shade people hide to perpetuate heinous crimes and the controversies of pastors is alarming.

An American pastor and his choristers at the Trinity United Church in the US, have attracted criticism after they dressed in Black Panther's outfits and made a ceremonial entrance into the church. 

The pastor and some of his choristers were said to have made a grand entrance into a service while wearing Black Panther's outfit. A move that many has sparked outrage, prompting social media users to slam the Pastor and his choristers.

More photos and reactions...

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