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Nigeria Boy Says Jesus Christ Is A Fool Since He Died On April Fools Day - Reactions

A stupid and clearly senseless Nigeria boy have decided to attack the "wrongest " person this morning just to gain prominence in the social media I believe. At his age, I don't really blame him too much rather the parents that didn't instill religious values in him.

Identified on Facebook as, Detty Dre, he took to his page to write what and I quote "If Easter falls on April fools days, it means Jesus Christ is a fucking fool"

I wish God in his infinite mercy will forgive him! Below are some comments on his page:

Pope Preeq Kev: “Since u want to be famous fr showcasing dis amount of maximum uselessness i pray your existence gains prominence in this life wen #5 becomes relevant in Nigeria. Uneducated Ellf”

Miracle Lazarus: “I think you just want to be noticed, well am not paying attention. Jesus has now been age with you. SMH”

Vanessa Ibi: “I didn’t know dis boy was dis stupid oo ah for no accept him frnd request, can u imagine dis idiot calling his maker a fool”

Miz Ifediba Chidimma Elison: You are are still a small boy growing, when you have grown, come back let’s discuss this😑

Benjamin West Plus: hey you demon incarnate…it seems ur brain and two grain of rice has no common diffrence between the…its the guy that saved ur foolishness and stupidity from hell that u referring to fool…i can see that ur family has finally given birth to a castrated idiot like u…ur folishness has a power of root 2 on it so we having something like…folishness root 2..which is= brain damage/…brra go and use ur life to exchange rice make poor pipo see food chop…idiot

Ihunanya Obinna: God punish u, ur papa ur mama ur generation… bros bet me u wil neva see half of this year… i wanted to block but i said no until i see ur death post, posted by ur frnds around june or july den i wil block you, i knw for sure that wil neva see the end of july,i cn play with other things but when it cums to God i devote my whole time for him… God wil surely punish u heavily AMEN

Pope Preeq Kev: hey bro how is your miserable existence goin I now see your brains wer exchange fr two spoons of Akamu (PAP) u pained Nermatode i see u inherited stupidity frm your father ‘re u mad do u want poverty and stalk illiteracy to locate ya household if your don’t rethink your speech i will rewrite your dimmed destiny with eye pencil is Jesus your mate don’t try this at all i think u should try and correct d mistake your dad did fr breeding a nuisance like u. u good fr nutin Congolease Ape😒♿

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