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Nigeria Female Health Practitioner Says - Children Are A Burden, They Slow Down Career - People Slams Her

A young female Nigerian Mental Health Practioner has declared and given her reasons why she feels children are an undue burden for both male or female. Though arguable. 

In a tweet she shared, which has since gone viral, she wrote children often slow down careers, and they are very costly and time also consuming.

Read her full tweets below;

“Children are a burden (I don’t mean this in a bad way, it is what it is). They often slow down careers, are very costly and are very time consuming. It’s sad that some are carelessly brought into the world by people unwilling to make those sacrifices.”

“Without a kid you typically have to mainly worry about yourself. With a child, you have to factor them into every decision you make. You have another load to carry, you can’t be as impulsive and frivolous, you shift your way of living to accommodate them.”

What do you think about her assumption?

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