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"Iphones Are Overrated, Tecno Mobile Is Better" - Must Read Review

This is a personal opinion (Nairaland)

I am sick and tired of the hype that goes with the iphone. TECNO Mobile is definitely a superior alternative to it. With the recent release of the Camon CM, TECNO is definitely setting the pace.

There are 5 reasons I will always chose the Camon CM over iphone

1) The 18:9 ratio display for the Camon CM. This is an amazing feature of the Camon CM that makes the movie viewing feature an awesome experience. This ensures that there are no black screen edges when watching a video.

2) The Andriod OS – The android OS is the most versatile platform for phone users. Who needs a phone that doesn’t encourage you to share data?. The Camon CM comes with the latest Nuogat 7.0 andriod platform, with HIOS 2.0 (ask around, the HIOS 2.0 is to die for)

3) The Eye Care Feature: Did you know that the Camon CM comes with an awesome feature that automatically adjusts the light setting for reading at night. This would go a long way in making sure we don’t get blind from technology… lol.

4) It’s Super Light Weight – who wants a phone that gives you muscle bags on your fingers?

5) It’s Super affordable!... with just #47,000 I can get this awesome phone with great specs. I don’t need to break the bank.

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