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I Don't Enjoy Men At All - 39 Years Old Lesbian Confess

A lady and 39-year-old self-confessed lesbian, Samira Alhassan, has relocated from her family home in Kasoa to Amasaman to avoid the discrimination and sometimes assault she suffers at the hands of those who do not understand her status. She walked into the offices of NEWS-ONE to narrate her ordeal even at the hands of an uncle who once assaulted her for being lesbian.

“When people see me with their daughters, they embarrass me by asking the girls to leave me lest I spoil them,” Samira narrated. "I started feeling different from my infancy. Even my preference for male dresses has been prominent since my childhood days.”

Her mother, she said, has always cried about her status and pleaded with her to change but Samira said, “I just do not have any feeling for men.” There was no iota of restraint in her as she poured her heart out about being lesbian. Even when she was asked for a photograph to illustrate her story, she obliged without a frown.

Continuing her narration, she stated, “Overwhelmed by pressure to change my status I obliged a request to have an affair with a man but it did not work. There was no feeling. I felt nothing. It was unlike the feeling that I have when I am with a lady like me.”

To parents and others, she added, “Compulsion for a status change would not work. The status of a lesbian is natural and no amount of assault can alter this.”
By A.R. Gomda

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