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How I Had Sex With 3 Of My Uber Drivers - Lady Narrates

In a world were everybody sees sex in everything, things are indeed getting out of hand. Two days ago, a 24 years old boy came online to rant on how his beard got her a sugar mummy whom he "smashed" the same day and got N24,000 from her. He didn't know he just sold his destiny to a stranger but he narrated the story as a success story.

Today, a female Uber passenger has revealed that she has had $ex with 3 of her Uber drivers since she started using the platform and to her, is another success story.

Read her story as she narrated to Melanie Hearse below:

I was in a long-term relationship for about six years. We had a pretty racy $ex life – we’d had a few threesomes, we weren’t shy about $ex in public places, and we’d tried all kinds of role play. While our $ex life was great, our relationship ran its course. I had retrained a few years earlier and gone from working in retail just to earn money to working in a higher-stress industry that I really love.

My partner was still working just for the paycheck, so we had different mindsets.I also started spending more time with work friends, and he just wasn’t that interested in our conversations, so we spent less and less time together. We stayed friends and continued to hook up often, but when he met a new lady that stopped – it was all amicable, but obviously, she wasn’t super comfortable with me being around, which I understand.I’d met up with a few guys through Tinder, and I honestly wasn’t looking for anything serious.

One night I went out with work friend for an early dinner, and I shared an Uber home with a colleague as it was dark when we left.We’d been talking discreetly about the last few dudes we’d found through dating apps. My friend was dropped off first, and I moved into the front seat next to the driver, who I’d suddenly noticed was hot. We chatted about the traffic and his passengers that day, and I did the wedding ring check – all clear.

Not being especially shy, I asked him if he’d overheard our conversation about our previous hook-ups, and he smiled and nodded. Then I asked him if he was in a relationship. When he said no, I asked him how he found himself “dates.”

We shared some Tinder fail stories, then, as we were getting closer to my house, I asked him if he’d ever had $ex with a passenger.
He said they weren’t allowed to, but he’d been tempted a few times.

What about if he gave me his number and I called him? Would that be breaking the rules? He nodded towards a deck of his business cards with a grin. His phone pinged a few seconds later and without saying anything else, he parked the car and we went inside. As soon as we were inside, he pushed me up against the wall and kissed me while I took off his shirt. Twenty seconds later we were on the hallway floor, having amazing, scare-the-neighbors-loud $ex.

It was great fun but I knew I’d never see him again – it did make me look at my Uber drivers in a new light, however.

My next few trips were total busts but then late one night, I ordered an Uber to take me home from work and the driver was just smoking hot, with a ready smile, and was easy to talk to and funny.We had a 20-minute drive to get to my place, so I had plenty of time for flirting. This guy was much blunter than the last. He smiled at me and asked if I was flirting with him.

When I said yes, he asked how far I was planning on taking it. I asked him if he was up for anything and he asked if I wanted to go back to his place, my place or if I was keen for something a little more adventurous.It’d been a while since I’d done anything especially wild, so I chose option C. He drove down to the local waterfront parking lot – basically empty at this time of night, but being so close to the water, there were plenty of restaurants close by.

He turned the ride meter off on his phone, then leaned over, and while kissing me, grabbed a condom from the glovebox and asked if I wanted to take things to the backseat.

We moved to the back, and without much fanfare, I climbed onto his lap and went for it. It had been ages since I’d indulged my love of $ex in a public place, so that, along with being on top, meant I climaxed quickly.Given I’d been pretty vocal about it, and he had a full night’s work ahead of him, he was only a minute or so behind. We moved back to the front seat and had a quiet drive home.

By this point, I’d developed something of a reputation amongst my friends, and it was this reputation that ended up scoring me my third Uber $ex story.I was with a group after a night out when we got into an Uber together to ride home. The driver was not exactly my type, but certainly cute. We started talking and laughing, and one of my friends, who was a bit drunk, giggled and warned him to look out, as I’d slept with a few drivers.He raised one eyebrow and said it wouldn’t be the worst way to end a shift.

After we dropped her off, he asked if I wanted to go out for coffee. I said while he seemed really nice, I wasn’t looking for anything serious, so I was only really only interested in a quick “coffee” at my place.

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