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Ghanaians React To PMB's Promise To Help Them Fight Corruption - "Get The Snake That Swallowed Your N36m First"

Courtesy demands that if you are not doing well in a particular position or department, you don't go about bragging and promising  people that you will help them in that aspect too. Ghana's celebration of 61 years of independence has turned out to be a mocking centre for President Muhammadu Buhari and Nigerians as a whole as Ghanaians on social media blasted the Nigeria president from left, right and center.

Mr. Buhari's independence speech in Ghana didn't go down well with the citizens of Ghana as it quickly turned to mock for Nigerians. President Muhammadu Buhari was invited as a special guest of honor. While speaking at the Special Guest of Honour Speech during Ghana’s 61st Independence Anniversary Parade at the Black Star in Accra, he applauded Ghana's President, Akufo-Addo and assured him that he will help Ghana fight corruption.

In his words;

“I congratulate you on your efforts to fight corruption which has eaten into the public fibre…Your Excellency I can assure you that you have a good partner in me in tackling endemic corruption,” the President Buhari said.

However, in his bid to be of help to Ghana in fighting corruption in the country, Ghanaians have expressed their furiousness over the statement of President Buhari. Many Ghanians who slammed Buhari and warned him to leave Ghana with his people who they accused to have corrupted their country. Many others reacting to the statement from Buhari told the President that he should not bring snakes, and monkeys to swallow Ghana's money.

Editor's Note:

Is it that Mr. President doesn't know he is not doing well with the fight for corruption? Is it that he is been deceived by his adhoc staffs and even at that, doesn't Mr. President read dailies? You can't go about promising people what you can't even fight against in your own country. The height of corruption in Nigeria today is unbelievable and yet you are promising to help Ghana fight what you couldn't fight in Nigeria.

Mr. President, Nigeria (Northerner alone, South & East are exempted) is the only country gullible enough to believe you and I will advise you keep to telling us that. Come to think of it, why do Buhari think fighting corruption is all that's required for good governance? It would have even made sense if he and his government were free of corruption also.

Now, Ghana is comparatively better than Nigeria. I sincerely think giving Buhari another four years could spell irreversible doom for Nigeria and thus keeping us in the categories of countries like Somalia, Niger Republic and Chad Republic.

Dear compatriots, let's erase this national mistake with our PVC come 2019. It has always been said, if a polity is not working, change the people making the policy. That is the only way out.

Remember the words of former President, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo in his open letter to Buhari were he urged him to step down; "expecting Buhari government to do better if elected in another four years is share stupidity, they have done their best, and they can't do better than they have done".

Vote logic come 2019, don't vote sentiments.

See the reactions below;

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