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Don Jazzy Devastated On Learning of Linda Ikeji’s Engagement… Peter Okoye, Rita Dominic & Other Celebrities Console him

Truth is, nobody knows if Marvin Boss, Don Jazzy really have a thing for blogger giant, Linda Ikeji. He has always been teasing him about relationship matters but everybody, including his fans take it like "Don Jazzy the humorous guy". But does he really love Linda enough to be devastetated on learning she is engaged? 

Just days ago, Linda Ikeji got engaged and according to what Don Jazzy posted on his Instagram page, he is indeed devastetated. Or is he? Cuz the humor he used in conveying the message didn't really give away his intentions or real emotions.

In Don Jazzy's reaction to Linda Ikeji's engagement, he just to his Instagram page and wrote: Kai Linda is engaged 😢😢. It is finished - with a picture of three people consoling him.

Once again, he didn't reveal if his intentions was from real emotions or he is just being the humorous Don Jazzy we all know. But with celebrities like Rita Dominic and PSquare's Peter Okoye consoling him, am thinking; is this for real?

Though both of them were among the most talked about singles. It was not surprising that the public is trying to force them to get married. However, most rumours about them being together have been based on unconfirmed reports and pictures that show both of them together in a loving way has always been a photoshopped photos.

Well guys, what do you think?

Is Don Jazzy for real or just humors?

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