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Cryptocurrency Company Vanishes With Millions, Leaving Just One Word On Their Website

People should be more careful about these so called cryptocurrency companies and website, they are not what they cruckedup to be. Most them are scammers and its seems these are MMM vendors in disguise. 

A cryptocurrency startup Prodeum has vanished from the internet with millions of investors’ dollars, leaving just one word on their website – Penis.

According to Metro reports, to make the joke eat even deeper, Prodium is a medication designed to reduce infections of the urinary tract. The company had said its aim was to “revolutionise the fruit and vegetable industry” with Ethereum.

The company had reportedly raised millions in venture capital money, the supposed product manager of the company Rokas Vedluga saying: “it’s an idea whose time has come.” The idea? To use Ethereum blockchain to label vegetables.

It’s unclear how much exactly Prodeum has scammed people off, but it is reported to be in millions. LinkedIn profiles of its founders turned out to be fake and have all disappeared, with the images used said to be stolen from other accounts.

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