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Checkout This Plus-Sized Nigerian Lady Searching For A Regular Sex Partner & Companion

Yea, they say big girls don't cry according to the great Bob Marley, I bet he is very wrong cuz big girls as well as rich girls do cry from time to time. This Nigerian media personality has taken to Twitter to initiates search for someone to have regular s*x with, and also be a companion.

According to her, age is not a factor, maturity in mind and emotions is key. She shared lovely photos of herself and wrote;

"So I'm in the market for a constant lover/boyfriend-type situation. And I'm serious. Age isn't really a factor, maturity in mind and emotions is key. Just looking for a friend/companion I can have regular sex with. Is that you? Slide in my DM. �

Please note that if all you see in the above tweet is the "sex" part then I ain't talking to you. I can have sex whenever I want to. I'm just looking for a companion, and great sex is just an added bonus, not the main deal. Are we clear? ✌

I am fully African. Nigerian to be precise."

Editor's Note:

Now I understand that the end time is near. "They will want to answer your name, even 10 women will want to answer your name just to run away from the shame of not being married. How can someone with a Twitter handle "God of Sex" be looking for a companion?

She won kill person? 

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