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BBNaija: Veteran Nollywood Actress, Shan George Calls Teddy A’s Joystick A 'Tiny Noodle'

To say I'm disappointed with ladies will be an understatement. Even the ones that are suppose to be a model to young girls has lost all the manners in the world. No wonder they can't ever stay with one man. Can you imagine!

Veteran Nollywood Actress, Shan George has reacted to BBNaija’s Teddy A, showing his joystick off in Bam bam’s head of house suite this morning. The video which has since gone viral caught the attention of the actress who thinks Teddy, who infact is a hefty man has a tiny manhood.

She left a comment on one of the Instagram blogs that carried the news saying; ‘yuk! Tiny noodle.’

As  a blogger, I'm not surprised at her anyway. This days, men are now measured with the size of their 'hard disk'. I was listening to one stupid lady on one show in America who was saying if a man doesn't have a big "joystick", he has no right to shout on his wife or girl.

Girls this days are something else. Is now all about sex satisfaction. And still yet, no one can ever satisfy them. Anya go anukwa ha na uzo.

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