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#BBNaija: See How Housemates Reacted When They Saw Returned Housemates, Anto & Khloe This Morning - Video

Ooooh this is so so touching. Is like the home coming of a long lost or awaited return of a loved one that have gone away for so long. The emotions exhibited was so real and this shows they really missed this two lovely housemates, especially Anto.

Big Brother Nigeria promised and they have done it again. They sneaked the two housemates into the house at the middle of the night so that other housemates will wake up and see the returned housemates. The actions are really intriguing. Needless to say, bring this two housemates back presents yet another challenge and truth time to the housemates still in the house owning to the fact that the returned housemates came back armed with the truth about others.

As usual, Biggie woke up the housemates and Anto and Khloe shouted down to all the housemates from the luxury room where they slept. They were shocked as expected and happy yo see them. Big Brother has also reset the game, Khloe is on zero Strikes. Big Brother warns that the returnees are not allowed to talk about the outside world and that the Housemates are not allowed to ask too.

Can "not talking about their experience outside and the truth the come armed with" possible? I see disqualification soon...

See video and more photos below....

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