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As A Virgin, Only Money, Handsome, Rich Men Make Me Wet" - Nollywood Actress, Crowncy

I know everybody is confused and angry in Nigeria but can one female "a virgin" be this confused? Abeg who asked this Nollywood 25 years old virgin question? The confusion in this country too much ooo. She even say her name na Crowncy! Which one be Crowncy again? I don fine am tire for dictionary o.

The Nollywood actress and producer, who said she a virgin, though we only have her word on that; I mean no doctor have certified that "hahahahha" to be true. The latest now is that she claim the only thing that moves her and makes her wet is 1. Money 2. Handsome guys 3 Rich men. 

In her words;

"I want the man that will have me to be dark complexioned and handsome. He must be God fearing and most importantly rich, because money makes me wet. In fact rich men makes me wet," she gushed.

"For now, boyfriends can wait, my career and business comes first. But rich guys can get close on a neutral relationship though and let's see where it would lead to." Ms Anyawu who is the only daughter in a family of five also has couple of good movies to her production credit.

"I started acting two years ago, but I'm so lucky to have started with a good role, which got me N25,000. Then I started my own production. Which include, War For Love, A Minute Decision, Hunted bride, and many more."

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