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Angry Residents Tie 'Juju' On Transformer, Dares NEPA To Remove Fuse - Photos

Nobody is smiling in this country, especially Lagosians. With the way things are going in this country; no work, no food, no electricity, no water, no good roads, everybody in this country is either mad or waiting to run mad.

Even the light wey dem dey bring small small, na so every time Nepa or PHCN or whatever they call themselves now, will come and be removing fuse in the guise of "one day off, two days on". A ihe ke agwula m ike biko nu.

Well, angry Lagosians who were probably fed up of the continued disconnection of their light, went extreme by tying a Juju stuffs with Red rope to dare Nepa to touch it, If you get mind. I can't stop laughing at Naija my country.

Sha baba till 2030, abeg make we go help Ghana fight corruprion jor,... Nde ara
See below!

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