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#AmbodeIsNotJoking Trends - See What Gov. Ambode Is Doing Under The Bridges In Lagos


The Lagos State governor is not arguably the best governor in Nigeria, he is the best governor in Nigeria because nobody is even in competition with him. He is in the business of transformation and he keep transforming Lagos State from good to much more "gooder" if their is a word like that.

To be honest, I might even get lost if I get to Lagos again. And to imagine I have only left Lagos for just 6 months and these massive developments scares me. We can all agree that for decades, under bridges in Lagos state have served mostly notorious purposes and always looking degenerated. 

They served as accommodation for many homeless Lagosians. They also served as hangout for touts, miscreants and people with a tendency for crime. Alcohol indulgence and the smoking of cannabis sativa are also synonymous with under bridges in Lagos.

However, with the help of current governor of the state, all that appears to be fading into history. The Ambode administration, in the ongoing reformation of the transport sector in Lagos, is carrying out an unprecedented reformation of under all the bridges in Lagos.

The administration is demonstrating a tenacity to ensure that under Lagos bridges become a pleasure to the eye and to any tourist visiting these places. A landscaping and beautification project is ongoing in major bridges in Lagos, hence the Twitter hashtag; #AmbodeIsNotJoking

Soon, under bridges in Lagos will no longer be synonymous with indulgence in alcohol, hard drugs and the assembly of miscreants but will serve as tourist and beautiful sight seeing for tourist visitors and residents at large.

Photo Credit: AutoJosh


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