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Allahu Akbar (God Is Great) Purportedly Appears On A Tree In Ikorodu Area Of Lagos State - Photos

As a religious man, I feel offended by Muslims and Africans as a whole. I don't know if I should call this a moronic view of Islam faithfuls or I should conclude that Africans are dumbs. We jubilate on the most stupid things. Christians inclusive. 

Reports has it that hundreds of shocked residents have besieged lucky fibre area in Ikorodu area of Lagos state following a mysterious tree inscriptions. According to reports, the tree was spotted with the inscription of an Arabic word (Allahu Akbar) meaning 'God is great'...

Many visitors from far and wide are said to have stormed the area to see the wonders for themselves. Facebook user Ibrahim Oloruntoy Hameed who shared the photos wrote;

This appeared on a tree this morning at lucky fibre ikorodu Lagos state. God will always prove himself...

To be honest, both Christians and Muslims in this country and Africa at large are in fact, very dump. This same things we seem to overwhelming celebrate and jubilate on, take it to the birth place of thes religions, they will laugh at you.


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