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Actor Odunlade, Korede Bello, Small Doctor, Ruggedman, Omoni Oboli In Police Uniform As Ambassadors

I understand it when companies like Glo, Pepsi, MTN, Guinness etc are paying actors, actresses and singers for ambassadorial positions, this is because they are using them for PR so as to sell their products. 

What is the possible use of this stars by Nigeria Police Force?

Frankly, it beats my imagination. Actor Odunlade, Small Doctor, Korede Bello, Ruggedman, Dr Sid, Sound Sultan & Omoni Oboli In Police Uniform for ambassadorial purposes. 

I think the police should work on themselves and fish out the criminals in the police force so that people will begin to trust them once again. Not packing all the actors and singers and getting them wear their uniform. It doesn't change the fact that when i drive out today, they will stop and ask me for money.

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