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5 Undeniable Reasons Why You Should Always Dress Well Before Stepping Out

This post is not for the corporate workers because I believe in their line of work, it is a num to dress well. I personally understand the need to dress casually most of the time since you own your business and doesn't really answer to anybody but in this part of the world, there is need to dress matures. 

At least, you should know that dressing well attracts people to you initially not your intellect, personality or sense of humour. Your appearance has to open the door first before conversation can take place. Thanks to Lagos State, I learned how to dress well the hard way. That is another topic for another day sha..lol

See reasons why is paramount to dress well.

1. The way you are dressed is the way you’ll be addressed.

This is the gospel truth and most people fail to adhere to this principle. Come to think of it, you respect someone who is dressed well say a nice shirt or blouse and trousers and you are more likely to despise someone who is shabbily dressed, right?

Thanks to Nigeria police, dressing well this days is a most. If you dress shabbily, or dress anyhow, Nigeria police will have their field day on you. Especial SARS officials. They way you dress is the way they talk to you. You dress anyhow, they can even misfire on you and term is "accidental discharge" or if you are lucky, they will obtain the living hell out of you and even call you a "yahoo boy" on top that.

2. Dressing boosts your confidence: 

If you have ever dressed better than you used to do once or twice, you’ll agree with me that was at its peak at that moment. Sources of this confidence ranges from the look full of admiration on the faces of people to the compliments you receive from them. 

3. It helps improve your lifestyle:

A better lifestyle results into a better you.

4. It attracts the opposite sex: 

Guys, you might have probably heard that a well dressed guy is far more attractive than a shirtless dude with abs. This is not to say you shouldn’t be fit and be in the gym once or twice in a week, but dressing well + a fit body completes the look most ladies desire, so next time you are about to put on a rumpled shirt, think twice! 

For the ladies, a fitting dress makes you more beautiful and attractive. I said a fitting dress not a skimpy and too fitting dress. This particular one makes you a harlot. 

5. Your first impression on a person matters a lot if not absolutely.

I’m sure you know what this means right?Dressing well does not mean that you’ve got to dress up in suits or formal clothes all the time but wearing what is clean, put together, fits, flatters and most importantly appropriate for the situation.

You don't need to have too much money to dress well and it doesn't also entail wearing suits all the time. In fact, personally, I'm not a suit guy and I only have one suit but I look great when I combine any cloth. Let it be straight and ironed. You will look great. Trust me.

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