This Man Called President Buhari is Evil - By Aroms Aigbehi

He is a very bad news for Nigeria. He is neither good for the North, South, East, West or the center of Nigeria. Nothing will ever be right with President Muhammadu Buhari around. He is a hateful, sadistic and vengeful person.

President Buhari has come to divide Nigeria. Nigeria has never been this divided as it is today. Before Buhari, Fulanis, Yorubas, Edos and Igbos could live together peacefully with normal schemishes that people from different culture and background have. Northern people do business peacefully all over the country and are very reliable and dependable people. From the very first day I travelled out of Nigeria, I have always done my foreign currency exchange with Hausa men and was never cheated.

I have Hausa friends and Muslims friends from different parts of Nigeria. Never have I felt unsafe with these people because of religion and ethnic difference. Even now I still have northern and muslim friends. I like Aisha Buhari because she stands for justices, fairness and development. Besides, I used to like Buhari. So I have nothing against the north.

However, PMB is changing all this very rapidly. So the question is What has Buhari, a president of a country to gain from destabilising his own country while he is always shouting one Nigeria? This I cannot answer yet. Does he have Alzheimer’s disease or Dementia? It is not only the Igbos or Edos and Benue people that are victims of this madness from the president. The killings and mayhem is everywhere. I see Hausa people from Southern Kaduna complaining and shouting about how they are marginalised and cornered in their own country. Their farms destroyed by Fulani herdsmen. How is that possible?

When we talk about an Agenda. It is not actually a Northern Agenda or even a Fulani Agenda. What is going on is Buhari clan’s Agenda which even Aisha Buhari is against. She is fighting a one women crusade inside the Aso Rock. Imagine how brave that is for a Muslim women that her husband have publicly humiliated. We should publicly love her for that.

Nigeria, being a country full of foolish people (lacking good sense or judgement; unwise) You will still have people who will tell you they would vote for Buhari again even when his own wife is against his performance and annihilation agenda. The typical Hausa man or women don’t want conflict with fellow Nigerians. The typical Fulani man also don’t want fight with other Nigerians. However, there are elements of evil, demonic, mischievous and severely corrupt Fulani men who are poisoning the minds of the people. Nigerians must see through this.

They have collaboration from other parts of the country from other evil minds, these evil people, mostly men are from all over the country with their own personal agenda. They includes Rochas Okorocha, Bola Tinubu, Yahaya Bello and many more. These men are a cause to this nation. Many northern leaders, including the Sultan of Sokoto, the Emir of Kano, Emir Muhammadu Sanusi II have warned Buhari to desist from his evil ways. I am paraphrasing here.

So who is really leading this Northern Agenda? Since Nigeria was formed and even before then, we always had two major religion and Nigeria didn’t have a civil war based on religion. However, the prospect of a brutal civil war based on religious and ethnic differences is getting very real since the coming of Buhari. Buhari plans to unleash the nation’s armed forces on the citizens full force one day. That is why all top men are being replaced with his own clan members.

Buhari has giving new meaning to hatred. I believe this time if he is not stopped, this will be the hatred that will turn Nigeria into a playground of mayhem. Even the military cannot stop it because they are not even well equipped for the job and moral is low. The armed forces will fracture very quickly into segments that will be fighting each other just like Sudan. The current injustice in Nigeria is overwhelming. The injustice has come to an unbearable stage. if a controlled and civilized mind like me is feeling this rage then I can only imagine what some other people who have lost so much to these criminals are feeling right now.

I am not ashamed or afraid to say I have seek to acquire an AK47 myself. I actually know where to buy some but I resisted it because I didn’t want to kill anyone. Not even a Fulani herdsmen that commited mayhem. But that was because they didn’t kill my family yet. They only destroyed over N100 million of my property. No one was punished and no compensation from the government. The life of a Nigerian is worth NOTHING. Even a cow is worth more than a Nigeria. This is high level of injustice. A terrorist (freedom fighter) didn’t become a terrorist overnight. “Na condition” Fela.

Now, imagine, if they should have killed my family, what would be my next move? I have narrow my choices down to two when the battle line is drawn and I think everyone should make their own determination. Because a time is coming and you will have to make a decision or a decision will be taken for you.

1.) I will abandon the country for them and go away peacefully and permanently. My wife prefers this option.
2. I will lead the battle cry myself not as a cryer but with full gear. But I won’t have AK47 and will have more.

There is no other choice for me. I cannot stay and watch these evil men continue what they plan for 180 million people. I either go away or die fighting. The time will tell.

For all those still clapping for Buhari now. I want them to know Nigeria cannot take another 4 years of Buhari and his clansmen in addition to the one year plus he still have to go. Is there other Hausa or Fulani person outside the clan of Buhari that is as bad as Buhari out there?

Even at this trajectory Nigeria will deteriorate in chaos before the next election because the killing won’t stop and Buhari won’t do anything to stop it. Because there is actually only one solution and everybody from Audu Ogbeh and Lai Mohammed are avoiding it.

That is full JUSTICE for all.

1.) You don’t reward Terrorist with land. otherwise, anybody that want something will carry guns and start killing people knowing you will give it to them at the end. It is called TERRORISM.

2.) Cattle rearing is a business and it is the government’s duty to regulate it. We are not in the 13th century. Herdsmen should buy their own land and rear their cattle there.

3.) You cannot create colonies throughout the 36 states of the nation. Any governor that allows it is an enemy of his people and should be voted out in the next election or stoned.

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I am working to liberate the minds of Africans. To let people understand their destiny lies in their own hands. Stop begging for aids from the western world. Most Africans Are Not Ready To Take Basic Steps To Liberate Themselves.

Emeka, Egbon Saka and the rest of us
Let me say this before I start, Saka is not his true name, and the name Saka here can either be Hausa or Yoruba. I had to hide his identity…
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