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Testimony: Since I Pasted Lord's Chosen Sticker On My Gas, I have Not Refilled It Since 3 Years - Daddy Freeze

Till now, white people believe that the only terminal sickness without a total cure is HIV AIDS. I think they should think again or at least visit Nigeria once in a while because the stupidity inherent to this country cannot be cured in 100th century.

The news making round on the internet now is a testimony given in a Lord's Chosen Church. A woman came out and said since she bought Lord's Chosen Church sticker and pasted it on her gas, she hasn't refilled the gas for more than 3 years.

The testimony has already sparked a little bit of outrage on social media as many Nigerians make fun of it, including Daddy Freeze himself. Freeze shared the testimony which was shared by an online user on his Instagram page and commented as follows...

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