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Singer Davido Shows Off His New OBO Diamond Necklace Worth $100,000 - Photos

It seems its all about athletes and musicians this days. Does it really mean they are the one making the while money in the world? The rate at which they are spending money and acquiring luxury is alarming.

Only few days ago, boxing legend, Floyd Mayweather acquired private jet to mark his 41st birthday and crowned it with another Rolls Royce Phantom 2018 worth more than N200m and now our own dear Davido. Does it me the like of Jeff and Mark don't make the kind of money this guys make or they don't like spending unnecessarily?

Well, Davido has just gone on Instagram to share jaw dropping photos of his new customized OBO diamond Necklace and ring costing up to $200,000..he got it customized by a very expensive jeweler, Ice Box.

It was also gathered that the quality of the Diamond and price of the stones... Summed a whooping $100,000...

Hmmm, I go make am oooo

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