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OAP Stephanie Coker’s Marriage Hits The Rock - Infidelity Chats Leaked To The Media

Some people may say they are not surprised that this two maybe separating sooner than later, after all, they are celebrity and knowing what we know, their marriages doesn't last. Truth be told, they were really good together and i sincerely pray this will not spell the end of their happiness. 

An infidelity storm is really building up around On Air Personality, OAP Stephanie Coker’s marriage and it’s on the part of her husband, Olumide Aderinokun. His secret hookup leaked after his DM chat with the sidechic, Yolanda Ayemo Nifise, made it to the Internet.

Yolanda, a student of Bells University, Ogun State, is said to have already left school for the hookup. Why do they always marry boys and not men? I guess is for good sex. Well this is the down side and I pray she can live with it.

Below is their chat history which has since gone viral. 

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