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OAP Stephanie Coker's Husband Reacts To Infidelity Rumours With Bells University Girl - Must Read

News of OAP Stephanie's husband infidelity hit the airways yesterday and the chats leaked went viral instantly. Though we hoped it will turn out to be fake and thanks to God it did, but that doesn't mean men are not polygamous in nature and that he may not have done what his is been accused of. 

Anyway, Stephanie''s husband, Olumide Aderinokun has reactes to the rumors and denied having an affair or trying to have an affair with a student.

Drama started yesterday after a leaked intimate DM showed the estate developer and a university student chatting. The reports claimed he invited the student, later identified as Yolanda Aiyemo, to Lagos. He allegedly booked a room for her at the Eko hotel.

Yolanda locked her Instagram page and edited her bio after the news surfaced, Adenirokun, who was previously arrested by the Lagos State Government for land fraud, has now taken to his Instagram to deny the story.

“Fake news ,” he wrote.

We also expect his wife to react to the story soon.

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