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Nollywood Veteran Actor, RMD, Shares Adorable Photo Of His Grandchildren

Veteran actor, Richard Mofe Damijo is the most HOB I have ever seen in recent time. Maybe this is the reason even at his age, he is still the most loved male in the Nollywood settings and in Nigeria as a whole. Ladies cannot just get enough of him and thank God for his adorable wife that have kept him out of the single's market all years. In case you don't know the meaning of HOB, it means Handsome Old Boy.

His wife is not the only thing adorable in his life neither is his kids, but his grandkids are something else. The popularly actor, RMD as he is fondly called took to his Instagram page to share a beautiful photo of his grandchildren and wrote;

”With the pressures of life, it’s easy to forget the blessings and focus on the problems. So, I want to forget about the killings and unrest around Nigeria, the fuel situation, the terrible light situation, the horrendous Lagos traffic and focus on my precious grand babies who l am undeserving of but for God’s gracious mercies. Today as the new week begins, I challenge you to stop elevating the problems and focus on the blessings.

What is that blessing you are thankful for? share it with the world. #elevatewithrmd#proudgrandfather#3rdGeneration.

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