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Nollywood Diva, Grace Amah Shares Lovely Photos To Mark Her Birthday

Nollywood Actress, Gracd Amah

Nothing is as sweet as celebrating a birthday when you actually have something to celebrate. Many people celebrate birthdays without tangible things but same cannot be said for this Nollywood diva, Grace Amah. She is just moving from grace to grace and God has been good to her.

She shared these lovely photos to mark her birthday with the write up below...


Many a times as humans, we take certain things for granted. We take for granted that we can sleep and wake up strong and happy. We take for granted that our children are in good health, they are secured in school or they can travel and return safely to us.

We take for granted that we move freely buy anything we want and can afford any food of choice. But when we hear news of children abducted from school, our parents killed in their farms where they have gone for legitimate activities or people kidnapped just to make quick cash.

It is only then that we realize that our freedom, safety, protection and indeed life given to us by God is unmerited favour.
It is then we know why the psalmist said we must praise God all the time. It is for this and many other reasons that I must not keep silent today as I thank God once again for His Grace upon my life. It's my birthday today and I share in the grief of parents whose children have been abducted again by Boko Haram in Yobe State.

I use this medium to urge the federal government of Nigeria to expedite action in rescuing the children. Not again shall parents pass through the horrors of Chibok parents whose children were abducted in 2014 and today not all have been rescued.
It's important to also emphasize that the main responsibility of government to the people is the protection of life and property. Government at all levels should place much premium on life of Nigerians and protect them.

It is a constitutional duty. We must respect people's life and dignity. As we pray for God's intervention in Nigeria, I call on President Muhammad Buhari to take urgent steps to rescue the Yobe girls and stem the increasing wave of insecurity in Nigeria. We pray for God's intervention.

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