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Nigeria Singer, Wizkid Shows Off His New Pet Goat; Asks For Name Suggestions - Photo

I don't know if celebrities this days are going mad or just boredom. I say this with respect though and note, am not talking about only Nigerian celebrities. The international ones are not exempted. 

The other day, Floyd Mayweather bought a private jet to mark his birthday, and being mindful of the luxury cars he already possess, he went ahead and purchased 2018 Rolls Royce Phantom worth more than N200m naira. I don't even want to talk about Davido's spending spree. It this just boredom or something is wrong somewhere? I mean Jeff made almost $3b in just a day in January and he didn't run off to purchase the world.

And here comes Wizkid. Buying a goat as a pet. Is this another form of madness? He is even asking his fans what to name the goat.  Can you imagine?

See responses below....

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