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"My Father Did Not Authorize The Statement Asking Buhari Not To Run In 2019" - IBB's Son

Why are they all afraid of President Muhammadu Buahri? Guess we are not in democratic rule then, so no one can freely give his opinion on matters concerning the government. Freedom of speech my foot. Who are we kidding.

Former President, Gen. Ibrahim Babangida’s son Mohammed debunked the news making rounds and told The Nation News through a media aide that the second statement personally signed by the former military president is his true position on the state of the nation.

He said Gen. Babangida would not issue a statement without reading it thoroughly to ensure that it represents his opinion. He said Afeghua was not authorized to issue that statement purportedly on behalf of Gen. Babangida.

He said Afegbua was told to withdraw it but he declined and instead it was authentic.

The statement..

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