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"I Miss Good Sex" – Sex Starved Beautiful Nollywood Actress, Moyo Lawal Cries Out

I don't know of she is deliberately seeking attention or if she have lost all the manners and morality in this world. The other day she made headlines posing in a coffin, two days ago she posed nude for the launching of a makeup line and now this? 

Can someone please grab this girl and make her shout awwwwwww inside za oza room? Plzzxxx.

Actress Moyo Lawal who recounted what she lacks now when asked to pick one out of a variety of men with different endowments, said she will be picking good sex over a man with money.

“It would be really sensible picking a man with money, but I’d rather go for what I lack right now, which is good sex” she said.

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