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"Girls Online Are All Useless, I've Slept With 88.8% Of Those I've Met - Young Guy Reveals

Suffice it to say and I don't mean any disrespect, girls are "useless", not only the ones online. If you doubt what am saying, come to Ibadan and go out around 9:00pm, you will see what am talking about. And I need to add, not only girls, ladies, women, in fact females.. all of them are inclusive.

But on the other hand, guys "doing" them shouldn't flaunt it as an achievement because that is stupidity. Anyway, a young man, Nnamuka Charles Arinze thinks is an achievement and he has shared how he slept with ladies he met online. 

He shared on Facebook a post that reads thus; 

“I’ve F**ked beyond 88.8% of The Girls I’ve Met Online. Girls Are Just USELESS. We Guys Should Change Them As Often As Everyday Just Like We Change Our Boxers and Pants. Guys Are You With Me??”

See the post below....

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