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Female Medical Doctor Advises Husbands To Marry More Wives To Avoid Cheating - Photos

I know most ladies will not like this but guess what - is the real truth. In Islam, it is acceptable for a man to marry more than one wife as long as he has the means to satisfy them equally and love all of them equally. That’s why polygamous marriages are common amongst Muslims. 

Is the same thing in Christian religion but it has some reservations. But whether you are a Christian of Muslim, some tradition require that you marry more than one wife and is also supported by Christian scriptures - bible.

However, a beautiful female doctor, Hauwa Ibrahim who is also a Muslim shared her opinion on polygamous marriages on social media. The doctor believes it is wise for men to marry more than one wife. She also advised men to marry more than one wife not just because Islam accepts it but also to prevent them from being irresponsible husbands.

According to her, marrying more women in the eyes of God is better than chasing young women around and cheating on their spouses.

In her words;

“Dear men after being a responsible Husband, try marrying a second wife if you have the means, those with two should marry three and those with three should marry four! Thats a great Sunnah and its better than irresponsible act of chasing young girls out there.....”

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