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Devil Is The King Of Nollywood -- Nollywood Actor, Junior Pope

Nollywood actor, Junior Pope has been making headlines recently and not in a good way. Though they say bad publicity is good publicity but some bad publicity sticks and that may not be good for business at the long run.

Though he is married, but a lady professed her love for him online via Instagram, showcasing the tattoo she tattooed on her body. She even tattooed  Junior Pope on her body as she professed undying love for her whilst admitting knowing he is married.

This time around, the actor is in the news again as he made a very controversial statement. Pope Obumneme Odonwodo popularly called pope junior voiced his thought towards the movie industry.

Speaking on an interview, the actor said;

“Honestly, with the kind of life in Nollywood, you wouldn’t want to marry, thinking you still have time for worldly enjoyment. I always tell people that the devil is the king of Nollywood, because of the atrocities being committed in the industry. It is in Nollywood you see high level of gays and lesbians. There is no kind of evil you wouldn’t see in the industry.”

Pope junior has won many accolades including most promising Nollywood actor of the year by entertainment factory in 2010. He got married in 2014 to Jennifer Awele Okpuno and they are blessed with 2 sons.

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