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Checkout The Dress Actress & Writer, Michaela Coel Wore To The "Black Panther" Premiere

This is amazing. When one is talented, regardless of the area, you will always excell in other areas to if you put your heart into it. Actress and writer, Michaela Coel is one good example of that. 

She's a mega-talented writer and actor, who you may know from Netflix's Chewing Gum, if you watch Netflix a lot. It is a very hilarious show and if you haven't watched it yet, what have you even been doing?

You may also know her from her role on Black Mirror, which quickly produced a viral meme. Well, Michaela (who's British) attended the London premiere of Black Panther, and she looked AH 👏 MAZ 👏 ING 👏.

But, even more amazing is the fact that she freakin' made this dress herself just two hours earlier before she attended the occasion. She made the dress by herself guys by joining two skirts with her own two hands!

What do you think about the dress?

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