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BBNaija Evicts 4 Housemates "Princess, Bitto, Dee One & Vandora" In One Night

Big Brother Nigeria housemate eviction is not only happening today guys, it has happened already and Bitto and Princes has become the first two casualties of the show as they were evicted tonight. After their eviction, Dee One and Vandora (Vandee) was also evicted.

Dee One is a comedian who identifies with the Laftamania brand. He started comedy at Covenant University, Ota. After Dee One's eviction, he confessed that true he is a married man.

But that is not the only drama in da house tonight. You remember what K. Brule did yesterday night? He got into a fight with Khloe while he was drunk and tried to kiss Leo. Then K. Brule told his partner Khloe, and she tried to have a convo with him, but then, an argument started, and they both insulted themselves and involved their parents.

Big Brother had called K.Brule into the diary room, however, viewers weren’t let in on the conversation but the fact is both are now disqualified, leaving only 14 housemates.

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