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BBNaija Host Ebuka’s Wife Cries Out - “I Am Not Related To This Cee C Girl”

Nigerians, Nigerians, Nigerian, why do we always believe people never get to were they are by merit? Hu? Fans and Big Brother Nigeria viewers are dragging Ebuka's wife in something that could be messy at the long run. 

For those who doesn't know already, Ebuka is the 2017 BBN host and also the 2018 BBN host and he was one of the Big Brother housemates in the 2016 show, and his wife has been called out by fans tagging her Cee C photos and saying they resemble each other and that her being in Big Brother Nigeria house today could have been manipulated by her.

Though she has vehemently denied knowing Cee C before and haven't even met her prior to the show, so many fans are not buying it. The resemblance is uncanny they said. 

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