30 Undeniable Achievements That Shows President Muhammadu Buhari Is Really Working - Must Read

30 Undeniable Achievement That Shows President Muhammadu Buhari Is Really Working - Must Read

The truth is, as long as you are a leader, you must have bereaved followers. Being a leader means being selfless regardless of what a set or group of people thinks about you or your administrative strategy. Many have criticized President Muhammadu Buhari and his leadership style but the truth is, facts don't lie. And no matter how you look at it, he is better than any president PDP has ever produced.

Lets forget about sentiments for once, I know asking that from Nigerians is asking too much but nevertheless, facts has to sift into out minds. President Buhari as a leader has his own flaws which is understandable and one of them being the soft spot he have  for Fulani Herdsmen and on the herdsmen issue that is threatening to tear Nigeria apart, but that doesn't necessarily mean he is bad in all ramification. 

Truth be told, no Nigerian leader has been loved totally by Nigerians. They almost always have one thing or the other against any incumbent leader. If its not ethnicity related, its religious issues or lopsided appointment issues or lack of awarding dubious contracts to some interested party. We always have a reason to hate our leaders. This is the fact. But when you look at president Buhari's achievement since 3 years in office, you will have nothing but admiration for this man as Mr. President has no other thing for this country but love.

Below is 30 glaring and undeniable achievement of Mr. President. You can add yours..

1 His ZERO tolerance for corruption 

2. PMB stopped over N2trillion subsidy payments to the almighty cabals.

3. He stopped the payment of over N30b monthly salaries to 50,000 national ghost workers.

4. He withdrew the license of rice, salt, sugar etc from one individual and spread the license to various interested group of people so as to stop the issue of monopoly.

5. He ordered the enforcement of BVN in the banking industry which stopped the illicit fraud perpetrated by private and public officials.

6. He ordered the enforcement of TSA where a single government parastatal operated over 43 accounts siphoning funds without remittance to the Federation Account.

7. He ordered the enforcement of payment and salaries of National Assembly members to be done through TSA.

8. He stopped the importation of rice from Thailand which our leaders used to siphon billions of naira yearly.

9. He blocked all the loop holes in the public sectors even though some avaricious Nigerians still cut their ways through sometimes.

10. He exposed the corrupt practices in the judiciary.

11. He did same thing in the National Assembly.

12. He exposed them all in the Nigeria Police, Nigeria Army, Navy, Air force and prosecuted the corrupt officials involved.

13. He exposed Patience Jonathan N13b looted fund, N15b, N11b worth of hotel in Bayelsa, N2.5b laundered funds to her housemaids.

14. He exposed Ikoyi's gate N13b NIA funds.

15. He exposed N4.7b Ekiti election fraud given to Fayose by Obanikoro

16. He exposed the $2.1b insurgency funds shared among Femi Fani Kayode, Olisah metuh, Bafarawa, Nduka Obaigbena, Raymond Dokpesi and others.

17. He exposed the illicit dealings in the legislative house.

18. He stopped the padding of our national budget by the National Assembly members.

19. He enforced the law to retrieve the N11b loan granted to Ben Murray Bruce which he refused to pay for 10years.

20. He exposed our Christian community where N7b was shared to them for election campaign by Jonathan.

21. He exposed same dirty deal of over N4 billion given to a Moslem (former Governor Bafarawa) by Jonathan for the Marabout's and Mallams' prayers.

22. He Enforced the EFCC to go after Ifeanyi Ubah who sold N11b worth of crude oil and pocketed same without the knowledge of NNPC.

23. He Exposed Saraki undeclared assets/looted funds.

24. He stopped Intel (Atiku's Company) where trillions of Nigeria money was not remitted to the federation account over the years.

25. He exposed our unscrupulous leaders both in APC and PDP even if the law could not prosecute them because of the lacuna in our laws.

26. He, Through Nigeria Customs, FIRS, JAMB, NIMASSA, Nigeria was able to realize over trillions of Naira remitted to the federation account, the first in Nigeria history.

27. He refused to give up on Nigeria and Nigerians even when they have given up on themselves. 

28. During Jonathan era and government before him, JAMB was only able to remit N300m in 4 years while in Buhari's era JAMB has already remitted N6b in 2 years. 

29. Still same JAMB is being prosecuted as Snakes are now swallowing N36m in their office and another N38m fraud has been uncovered from their Edo, Zamfar offices.

30. During Jonathan and other government era, customs has been to remitting less than N3b in a year while that same custom is remitting more than N30b in a year now.

Considering the above points and facts, it is normal for people to hate him and wish him dead. But you need to ask yourself, "why am I wishing this fine man dead"? Is it because he is doing his job wonderfully well or because of the foolish reports those criminal, egocentric cabal and self righteous  politicians put out their.

Ask me to pick between Buhari, Atiku, Kwankwaso, Jonathan, I will pick Buhari as my preferred candidate, any day anytime. 
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