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Young & Pretty Medical Student Announce She Is Searching For A Boyfriend On Twitter

I keep attributing this sudden attitude of ladies wanting a man buy all means to the advent of sex dolls. The search for romantic relationships on social media this days is getting scarier everyday.

A young Nigerian lady has kicked off her search for a boyfriend and her name is Felicity Adunni. She took to her Twitter account to announce her search for a guy who would be interested in a long distance relationship.

The pretty lady who is also a medical student, revealed in the post the very specific type of guy she wants.

She wrote:

"Okay, I’d like a man now. Serious people only and willing to work with long distance and not be a demon during it. Pop into the DMs at your earliest convenience. "If you do not get a reply it means I have scrolled through your timeline and found you:1. Problematic 2. Ignorant 3. Demonic 4. Simply incompatible"

"Have your face visible in your avatar. If you’re born after 1992, please don’t. Unless your resume is top notch. If you have kids or a wife, girlfriend, fiancé, potential, someone married to you... please. No."

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