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"Thank You For Being Horrible" - London Based Nigeria Blogger Slams Don Jazzy

To say the truth, that b@@bs is off the chart and I don't blamed Don Jazzy for commenting on it cuz that shit draws you in to comment. I mean, what kind of b@@bs is that?

Many of us must have missed this, but a London based Award-winning Nigerian Blogger, speaker and creator of #SAGGYBOOBSMATTER, Chidera has slammed Don Jazzy for body shaming her.

The Don in his usual sarcasm and ‘joke manner’ had shared the photos below and told his followers that their battery level is their bae..

Obviously frustrated and angered by the picture, Chidera took to Twitter to blast him. But Don Jazzy, being a gentleman have already apologised to her 

"Wasn’t my intention to do that. Post has been deleted immediately. Pls accept my sincere apology ."See below:

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