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"You Don't Sow Seed With What Is Not Yours" - Daddy Freeze Reacts To Woman Who Used His Husband's Car To Sow Seed

To be candid, some of Nigeria pastors are brain washer and they operate like the so dreaded Yahoo boys. This is beyond entrapment and it has got to stop. The info of a woman who used her husband's car to sow as seed in a church in Delta State is baffling and Daddy Freeze has reacted to the story.

The story has it that the pastor gave the lady back the car she used for sowing the seed after church members who knew the lady's husband got crossed with him. For the man of God to even accept a gift knowing fully well that the car belongs to the husband of the said lady and that she is doing it without his consent is baffling.

Leader of free the sheeple nation, Daddy Freeze is dumpfounded as to how people will be this close to the bible and read it everyday and yet they don't understand even a sentence from it and always fall prey to this so called men of God.

Daddy Freeze has this to say via his Instagram ....

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