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Why Do Thousands Of Churches Differ In Doctrine While They Read The Same Bible - Daddy Freeze

It has always been a question in my heart or should I say mind because I can't understand. Either you are a Roman Catholic, a Methodist, an Adventist, a Jehovah Witness, a protestant etc, we all read the same bible yet we are not and have never been the same.

Why is that? Was Bible created to be contradictory? Was it a deliberate art to make sure people don't understand each other? Why is it so?

Daddy Freeze shared the below picture showing the write up that has in many years eluded the understanding of men. 

daddyfreeze The confusion has always been there, I just help to bring it to light!
One GO said if you don't pay tithe God will curse you, a G63 driving pastor said if you don't tithe there is no curse, illustrating his opinion with some weird astronomy doctrine, while another former private jet owning past president of 'Christianity' said "You go die o" and they say I'm the one causing the confusion.

Whats your take on this topic?

See below....

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