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Trending Video Of Senator Misau Criticizing President Buhari's Government & Re-posted By Aisha Buhari

Nigerians has reacted to the trending video of Senator Misau as he was being videoed criticizing President Muhammadu Buhari. This viral video has already sparked outrage and to add insult other prominent politicians are joining in to the criticism.

One of the outraged Nigerian said and I quote;

The senator bared the truth like a nude virgin, without fear, every of his words was a hit back to back without mincing or trying to be economical with the truth. Am proud of how he mentioned the names of those leaders (I.G of police) that are causing obstructions to our economic and security growth as a country.

Then the way he spoke about some incompetent Zombies stationed as ministers on the helm of affairs that are not qualified to have any portfolio attached to their names. Then about the almighty cabal who has stolen the reasoning of our president thereby detecting and making orders on how the country should be run. It's disheartening seriously how few men can hold this country on it's scrotum and insist that it will not bear forth fruits.

Above all he proffered solutions to all his valid points. So there is still a good thing in Nazareth? Kudos to you sir wish so many other senators can be this bold to say the truth no matter whose ox is gored.

See video below and people's reactions..

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