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Tech Blogger, Somtoo Okoye Buys Lexus ES330 For His Mother, Puts Her On Monthly Salary

Blogging is undoubtedly a wonderful thing to do and its also a gold mine but nothing good comes easy. For one to succeed in blogging, the only thing you need in perseverance. If you can persevere and know your niche very well and cut down on copying and pasting, you are surely heading the right direction. 

Nigeria biggest tech exporter and blogger, Somtoo Okoye, has acquired a new Lexus ES330 Sports Car for his mother. It was also gathered that he placed her mum on a monthly salary since she has retired as a teacher.

Somtoo, author of Bestmobs.com, Africa's greatest phone review site and merchants of Bestmobs mobile accessories and powerbanks, claims that his mom helped him a ton amid his battling days and to finish it off, sold her jewelries to get him a Nokia N80 Symbian telephone which he used to begin designing sites and begin blogging as far back as 2011.

He is also very benevolent in nature as he recently gave away a brand new HP laptop and 200k in cash in a social media contest where he tasked participants to write out measures on how to curb the rampaging menace of Internet fraud in Africa. He runs several other successful online blogs like the popular entertainment outfit known as "Somtoo Okoye blog" which has close to 200k likes on Facebook.

In his words:

She gave me the biggest gift of my life. Not just giving birth to me and bringing me up the devoted Catholic way of life, she sold her very most cherished jewelries to buy me a second-hand Nokia N80 Symbian Smartphone at Ose Market Onitsha in 2011 when I was struggling and badly broke. With the phone, I was able to land a website design job, to design the first clone/look-alike of Naijaloaded for Proudlybioz, which I was paid 50k for.

With the proceeds, I bought a C5-00 smartphone, got my first laptop left website designing months later and kicked off a successful career in blogging/journalism and haven't looked back ever since. Mummy, I just wanted to surprise you the same way you surprised me and changed my life with your sacrifice 7 years ago.

Your sacrifice changed the way I think and the definition of selflessness for me. It changed my entire life completely. Mummy, as long as God gives me life, many more are yet to come.

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