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"Stick To One Pus*y", Lady Tells Her Boyfriend As She Post Her Unclad Photos To Support His Birthday

Sometimes I wonder what womanhood has turned to in this country. Do this girls even get a simple home training at all? This is appalling. A Nigerian lady, has taken to social media to pose unclad in support of her boyfriend’s birthday.

The lady, Janet Ukason has posed unclad on Facebook in support of Her boy friend’s birthday which she tagged it “Don’t be a player… Can you stick to one pussy like this till the rest of your life. Ladies! can you pose like this for your man on his birthday!.”

According to Brainnews Radio, the said raunchy photos was posted on January 27, 2018 on Facebook and it attracted many reactions on it.

As seen in the screenshot below, many of her friends praised her for her boldness while some also lashed at her for being disrespectful to womanhood.

See people's reaction below....

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