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Shame: Married Woman Begs Singer Cassper Nyovest To Fertilize Her As He Lands In Nigeria

I don't understand women at all. Especially our Yoruba counterpart. My two neighbors are sleeping with another man aside from their husbands. One even claimed she traveled to Abeokuta to see a friend that was involved in accident while she was just in a hotel with her boyfriend on her own birthday.

Hmmmm, shame have long gone from the eyes of ladies this days. Well, a married Nigerian woman ignored all shreds of dignity and got exposed for trying to seduce Cassper Nyovest as he lands in Nigeria.

Massive reactions trail this scandal which has gone viral and the woman involved had to lock her twitter account and even changed her profile picture.

This begs the question: Is there still any sanctity left in the institution called marriage? I think baby mama is a better choice.

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