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(Prostitute) Sex Worker Celebrates Her Birthday In Styles With Her Clients - Photos

Yes I know you have to love what you do for you to succeed in it but "sex work"? Well, thats what she does and she loves it. Melisa left tongues wagging at a Norton joint when she bought beer for her clients (male) saying it was a way of thanking them.

Popularly known as Melisa, she took her birthday celebrations to Pamunda where she said the revelers, who are her clients, have been there for her in her se_x work. Melisa then started distributing her birthday cake to revellers as well as buying beer for them.

“Today is my birthday and I am celebrating with my clients,” said Melisa.

Walking her talk that she is a hooker, Melisa later hooked up with one of her clients and disappeared leaving revellers downing ‘wise waters’ on her account.

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