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Popular Pastor, Shepherd Bashiri's Church Shutdown Over Collection Of 'Money For Miracle'

The Botswana’s government has shut down the church of the white-suit preacher and self acclaimed prophet, Shepherd Bushiri, a development welcomed by many. The church was since last year under investigations amid concerns of financial mismanagement among other issues.

While surviving on people’s donations, Bushiri threatens people who criticize him death and a recent video has him boasting that a man who criticized him died within one month of that date. That video has been frighted in Botswana as the preacher was condemned for using God’s name and Bible to deliberately brainwash people to make money.

The man makes claims that sees the mind of God and speaks on God’s behalf, and yet preaching act exposed by ZimEye.com, Bushiri can be seen on LIVE video clearly using an iPad device to obtain a person’s personal details and then afterwards lay claim that he was prophesying.

According to Zimbabwe Mail, Bushiri increased his fame in Zimbabwe after he made a “prophecy’ in November 2016 that then Minister of State Security Kembo Mohadi was going to receive a “crown” representing a promotion as well as wealth. In January Mohadi was named by President Emmerson Mnangagwa as one of his Vice Presidents together with former Zimbabwe Defence Forces Commander Retired General Constantino Chiwenga. Some have concluded that Bushiri’s word was fulfilled.

However, the Botswana gazette reports how Gaborone has found the church to be bad for the public good. Among issues covered in the latest article are the following:

– Church is violating the law- Govt
– Countrywide cells to cease operations
– Church appeals to Minister Batshu

What is your take on this? Should Nigeria follow suit? I believe this is one of the things daddy freeze is talking about and people are criticizing him.

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